Master of Arts (MA) in Economics Online

An MA in Economics from George Mason University will prepare you to engage with business and policy leaders of tomorrow. Students in the program engage with internationally renowned faculty and study economic theories to develop independent, solution-based research. Our nationally ranked graduate program is noted for its unique Mason approach to economic theory, which fuses the fields of public choice, Austrian, and experimental economics. As a result, graduates of the MA in Economics will come away with experience in writing thorough analyses in government, policy institute, business, or nonprofit environments.

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Why Choose Mason's MA in Economics?

  • Accreditation LogoInternationally recognized faculty and extensive research resources through George Mason
  • Online Education LogoDynamic and practical economic frameworks to real-world problems
  • Outcomes Checklist LogoAccess to internship and job opportunities through Mason University’s Career Services
  • Competitive Tuition LogoFlexible online degree structure to accommodate professional students with working schedules
  • SACSCOC-Accredited
  • 30 Credit Hours
  • Complete in as little as 18 months
  • Core courses supplemented by electives focused on emergent trends
  • Research opportunities in government, business, and nonprofit settings
  • Gateway to successful careers in both public and private sectors

MA in Economics Curriculum

Build the foundation for effective data, statistical, and economic analysis. Mason’s online MA in Economics prepares students for careers in government, business, and nonprofit settings through a balance of core and elective courses. This blend includes the following:

  • Student Proficiency LogoExperimental Economics
  • Alumni Success LogoMicro and Macroeconomic Theories
  • Employer Guidance LogoMathematical Economics
  • Faculty Research LogoPublic Choice/Constitutional Economics


Career Opportunities
Turn your experience into opportunity. George Mason University’s Career Services equips students with the ability to find relevant internships and jobs during coursework and after graduation. This lifetime service gives students security as they consider their professional future.

Preparing Economists to Predict the Trends of Tomorrow

An online MA in Economics from George Mason University will prepare you for a prosperous future in a vibrant economy. As a hotbed of pragmatic and forward-thinking economic study, George Mason University will prepare you to conduct thorough analyses in government, business, and nonprofit settings. The Mason style of economics blends public choice, Austrian, and experimental economics to analyze the relationships among economic, political, and legal institutions. Because of our proximity to the nation’s capital, students come away from our program with many employment opportunities in government, public policy, and private sectors. Request information about the program today and start thinking about how you’ll lead in tomorrow’s economy.


"The program was well-organized, with easy-to-follow assignments and projects throughout the program. As someone more quantitatively oriented, I really enjoyed the Econometrics and Causal Inference classes, with both coming in handy in our capstone project. These skills have carried over to my career as an institutional investor, as I have a better understanding of the applied statistics utilized by quantitative hedge funds and the arguments presented by macro hedge funds. The program also had an unintended benefit in that I've become a better writer and better presenter when I'm looking to make an argument. This shows the most when trying to convince my colleagues to move forward or terminate a money manager. Lastly, although not specifically covered, the program reopened my eyes to other areas of economics that I'm extremely interested in, including risk-taking, behavioral economics, neuroeconomics, and game theory."

- Michael Ijeh

"My experience earning my MA in economics at George Mason University was the most valuable educational experience of my life, bar none. So valuable, in fact, that I have decided to continue my education at Mason to earn a PhD. Before entering this program, I had a distinct appetite for economics, and thanks to the instruction and guidance I received from my professors throughout, that appetite has only grown. The flexibility of the online MA's asynchronous program also allowed me to continue living in California while pursuing the degree, as well as maintain consistent employment. Had I not taken the opportunity to enroll at Mason, I never would have come into my own as a student of economics, nor would I have realized my potential as an academic scholar. During the 18 months I spent earning my MA, I learned a great deal not only about economics, but about myself. I would highly recommend this program to anyone hoping to broaden their perspective and sharpen their skillset as an economist."

- John Robert Temming